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EZ Flooring: Pet-Friendly Carpets That Keep Your Home Cleaner (and Fresher!)

Discover durable, stain-resistant carpets with built-in Microban® 24/7 Surface Protection, keeping your home 99% cleaner and fresher, even with furry friends!

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Why Choose EZ Flooring for Your Pet-Friendly Home?

We love pets, and we know they love carpets! That’s why EZ Flooring offers a wide variety of pet-friendly carpets designed to handle scratches, stains, and everyday wear-and-tear from your furry companions. But that’s not all!

Our carpets are infused with Microban® 24/7 Surface Protection. This innovative technology works around the clock to fight the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew, keeping your carpets 99% cleaner between cleanings. That means less worry about pet accidents and lingering smells, and more time for snuggles and playtime!

Easy Care for Busy Pet Owners

All our pet-friendly carpets are easy to clean and maintain, so you can spend less time wrestling with messes and more time enjoying your pet. Plus, the Microban® protection provides an extra layer of defense, giving you peace of mind and a fresher-smelling home.

Expert Carpet Installation for Your Pet-Friendly Home

EZ Flooring offers professional carpet installation services to ensure your new pet-friendly carpet is installed quickly and flawlessly. Our experienced installers will take care of everything, so you can relax and enjoy your new floors sooner.

Visit EZ Flooring today to explore our selection of pet-friendly Microban® carpets and schedule a professional installation. Let us help you create a cleaner, happier home for your whole family!

Pet-Friendly Carpet Products and Installation

Our specially designed carpets are crafted to withstand the unique challenges posed by pets, offering durability, stain resistance, and easy maintenance. Plus, with Microban®, you can enjoy added peace of mind knowing that select carpet products feature Microban® antimicrobial technology, providing continuous protection against the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew.

From high-quality materials to innovative designs, we prioritize the comfort and safety of your furry friends without compromising on style. Our experienced installation team ensures a hassle-free process, leaving you with beautifully carpeted spaces that both you and your pets will love.